Anna Kournikova wallpapers

Anna Kournikova is known as Russian turned American sports woman. She had born on 7th of June 1981 and relinquished from her Tennis profession due to body pain. She is resident of Florida state of America and presently working on various state owned projects. Her beautiful eyes coupled with attractive appearance have earned her fame and limelight. Martina Hingis was her co-player and both of the girls happened to win Grand Slam tournament in 1999. It was the turning point for both of the girls in Tennis world, and they were commonly referred as Spice ladies. It is said that she had joined the Tennis when she was passing through age of puberty. Yes, She was young and energetic full with enthusiasm, stimna and beauty. She had been crowned with a number of titles and had the opportunity to play the sports under premature age. The ending years of 19th century were proved to be very successful in her sports career. Although, she had also faced a number of defeats in battling against many other players. A magazine revealed that she had been in close contact with Enrique Iglesias and waited for years to get married with him. Yes, she could not be married with one of the best singers of the world, yet relationship existed for a decade.However,she decided to marry with a person of her own field. Exactly, she chose a sports man as a life partner and he is also from her native country. His name is Sergei Fedorov and he is one of the famous ice players of the Russia. The shown thumbnails clearly show the different poses of Anna Kournikova. Her beautiful eyes combined with attractive face and body has been beautifully shot in these high resolution pictures. Click any of the above pictures of Anna Kournikova and download it for best background image of your computer desktop.

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