Wolverine wallpapers

The Wolverine is the latest superhero movie from Marvel that features Hugh Jackman playing the role of the movie’s title character. The movie is a part of the X-Men series and it comes as the sixth installment. In addition to that, it is the second movie after ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ that is based on the character of Wolverine. Released in 2013, the movie did achieve decent success, especially in the international markets, and has earnings of 413 million dollars to its credit. Hugh Jackman went through a lot of intense training in order to bulk up for the character of Wolverine and had to eat almost 6000 calories per day. The plot of The Wolverine starts from the past in the year 1945 where Logan, Wolverine’s actual name, saves a young Japanese soldier from a nuclear bomb blast. Fast forward to the future, the soldier who is now the owner of a tech corporation gets in touch with Logan and invites him to Japan with the intention of stealing his power of immortality in order to escape death. What ensues is a thrilling game of cat and mouse where Wolverine bashes up the bad guys and puts an end to the evil plans of the Japanese soldier whom he had saved several decades back. To show that the movie plot takes place in Japan, the creators of The Wolverine wallpapers came up with a special wallpaper that showed the metallic claws of the character in a backdrop of the Japanese national flag. Apart from that, wallpapers showing Hugh Jackman in his muscular and sculpted body did raise the curiosity levels among the audience who were eager to find out the movie’s plot. The name Wolverine is synonymous with action and the wallpaper showing the character wielding a samurai sword does justice to the movie’s overall theme.

hugh_jackman_in_wolverine_2013 wolverine wolverine_2 wolverine_movie_2013 wolverine-2013 wolverine-movie-2013 wolverine-new wolverine-rising-sun wolverine-the-new-avenger Wolverine-the-new-Avenger-1 wolverine-wallpaperwolverine-movie

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