Star Wars wallpapers

The Star Wars franchise is one of the world’s most popular movie franchises. Apart from being a movie franchise, it is an iconic universal brand that is worth millions of dollars thanks to the various merchandise and products related to it. The idea of Star Wars was conceived by George Lucas who later went on to produce and direct the film series based on the idea. The theme of Star Wars movies were mostly good versus evil and the two elements that were used to portray this in the movies the Jedi and the Sith. The lightsaber, a common weapon in the world of Star Wars, became very popular among the audience after the movie’s launch. Majority of the movies that have been a part of the franchise have done well at the box office and have also received praise for their technical elements. Video games based on the Star Wars franchise are loved by kids as they get to choose their favorite Jedi character and fight the bad guys. The AT-AT Walkers from the Star Wars movies, resembling large robotic elephants, are quite famous among the audience as the play the deciding factor in the intergalactic wars. A Star Wars wallpaper collection is never complete without images of R2-D2, the talking droid. The kid like nature of the droid makes it a darling among the masses. Apart from that, wallpapers of huge spaceships which include the likes of Star Destroyer and Imperial Destroyers create a sense of awe when you look at them. Darth Vader and Darth Maul are the two iconic villains in the Star Wars movies and their wallpapers are also very popular as the remind the audience of the evil side that is there in the movies. One can show their allegiance to the Star Wars franchise by downloading the wallpaper with the Star Wars logo in it. Not much I can say about this science fiction movie 😉 , WELL its maybe the best know movie ever made, I dont think I have to say that much about this George Lucas film, we all know whats it about, the force, Darth vade, Luke skywalker, Han solo, a princess and a lot of spaceships in outspace. We will in 2015 see a new series of new Star Wars movies made by J.J Abrams. All the free wallpapers here are in HD.

sith-lord star-destroyer star-destroyer-way-to-earth star-wars-art star-wars-battleship-in-sf star-wars-force star-wars-logo star-wars-outer-space star-wars-spaceship star-wars-spaceship-battle star-wars-the-awakening-sith star-wars-universe star-wars-walkers storm-trooper twilek walker-at-the-beach yoda young-darth-vader young-obi-one-kenobi at-at-walker-as-dog at-at-walkers-funny battleships-at-the-moon darth-maul darth-maul-face darth-maul-lightsaber darth-maul-sith darth-vader darth-vader-art-han-solo darth-vader-palpatine darth-vader-walk death-star hoth-empire-strickes-back imperial-destroyers imperial-guard lord-sith-from-games luke-im-your-farther r2d2 sith-from-game

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