Star Trek wallpapers

Star Trek was the pioneer when it came to American science fiction films and the latest installment in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness, proves beyond doubt that the brand still popular among the current generation of people though the franchise’s first movie was released several decades back. Star Trek Into Darkness premiered in 2013 and it is a sequel to Star Trek that had its release in 2009. Though the movie was not a blockbuster, it attained commercial success by earning around 467 million dollars. This made it the highest earning movie of the entire franchise till date. The plot of Star Trek Into Darkness begins a year after the earlier installment. Captain Kirk is the acting head of the exploratory space ship USS enterprise. Along with his crew, he sets out on a mission to bring a former member of the Starfleet to justice for his terrorist activities. Whether his mission was successful or not forms the movie’s climax. The visual effects of Star Trek Into Darkness was created by Industrial Light & Magic, an award winning visual effects company that was founded by George Lucas and now currently being owned by Walt Disney. Hence, the audiences were simply awestruck when they saw the movie’s visual effects for the first time. The desktop wallpapers of Star Trek Into Darkness were designed to give the viewers a glimpse of what was in store for them if they had plans of watching the movie. Some of the movie’s scenes that incorporated heavy visual effects were chosen to be the designs of the wallpapers. For example, there is a wallpaper that shows the destruction caused to an entire city with one of the movie’s characters standing alone on a pile of rubble. Other wallpapers include those of the USS enterprise and those of the main characters such as Captain Kirk.

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