the Dark Knight Rises wallpapers

The last and final installment in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, graced movie theatres across the globe in 2012. Actor Christian Bale once again donned the bat suit to reprise his role as the Batman for one last time in this movie. He also plays the role of Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego. Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are the notable inclusions in this movie and they play the roles of Cat Woman and Bane respectively. The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after the previous film, The Dark Knight. Forced into seclusion, Bruce Wayne lives under the assumption that the city of Gotham does not need Batman anymore as there are no criminals involved in in organized crime. But his assumptions are proved wrong when a new enemy rises in the form of the evil Bane who vows to destroy both Gotham city and Batman. How Batman goes about fighting his new enemy and manages to save Gotham forms the crux of the movie’s storyline. The Dark Knight Rises received a fabulous response with audience giving it rave reviews. Thanks to the support of the critics and the audience, the film grossed more than a billion dollars in revenue. The wallpapers of The Dark Knight Rises were in huge demand much before the release of the movie. The unique wallpaper that showed a several buildings coming together to form the Batman logo was an instant hit among the fans. Some of the wallpapers are dedicated to individual characters such as the Cat Women and Bane. For example, there are wallpapers showing Cat Woman riding the Batpod. The wallpapers of Bane flexing his muscles and fighting Batman have made their rivalry the highlight of the movie. A true Batman fan will not miss the opportunity to download these wallpapers and flaunt them on his desktop. Another comic movie, sounds a little negative, but I love those comic movies, always been a fan of comics and now I can see them on the big screen, thats just great. Batman sure is a huge success the first series of movies in the 90s was big, now we have the next round movies coming, some say this is the last Batman movie, but I dont think so Christian Bale he could be up for another film. All the wallpapers here are in High def.

the_dark_knight_rises_bad_guy the_dark_knight_rises_in_suit the_dark_knight_rises_logo the_dark_knight_rises_screenshot the-dark-knight-rises-enemy the-dark-knight-rises-logo-2 bane bane-dark-knight-rises bane-on-batmobil batman-3-bruce-wayne batman-battle-streets batman-dark-knight batman-dark-knight-football batman-fire-will-rise batman-logo batman-on-police-caranna-as-catwoman-2012 batman-shooting batman-vs-bane-fight catwoman christopher-nolan-batman dark-knight-rises dark-knight-rises-2012 dark-knight-rises-bale dark-knight-rises-catwoman dark-knight-rises-football dark-knight-rises-movie new--batman the_dark_knight_rises the_dark_knight_rises_anne_hathaway

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