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Unicorns are one of the loveliest creatures ever thought of by man. They are magnificent beasts that have very huge wings of weather and a horn that resembles a corn at the tip of their head. They have horse like bodies and can fly at very fast speeds. They are thought to dwell somewhere in the skies. A unicorn represents purity and a lot of grace and it is thought that they only interact with the purest of souls as well as virgins. They are a white creature that is very elegant and does not interact with man without very good reasons. In the European myths and legends, these beasts are thought to have healing powers as well as spiritual powers. They would also help a man who had managed to catch them in doing a very difficult task. They have been widely used in cartoons and movies that talk about legends and lore. They are very famous in the Greek mythology and are thought to be a gift from the gods. They are very wild and ferocious making it very hard to catch and tame them. In the stories, only the strongest and the ones with the purest heart could ever hope to catch a unicorn. It is also thought that a virgin would be able to entice a unicorn making it forget its rough behavior and come lie on her lap. This was how they are caught in some stories. Though they are thought to be white, there have been shows where a unicorn was depicted a very graceful black animal. When the fantasy lovers of unicorns draw them, they use colors depending with how they want to portray them. It is easy to download the HD unicorn wallpapers that are available and you will have a choice of so many images. The Mythology unicorns is a legendary fantasy animal from European folklore which is a white horse with a large horn projecting from its forehead, I bet you have seen in some TV movies or Cartoons. The horse like animal was a symbol of purity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin. That was all, the desktop wallpapers are in HD.

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  • Beautiful Unicorn
    Beautiful Unicorn
  • Unicorn Art Work
    Unicorn Art Work
  • Unicorn Cartoon
    Unicorn Cartoon
  • Unicorn Fantasy Art
    Unicorn Fantasy Art
  • Unicorn Fantasy Horse
    Unicorn Fantasy Horse
  • Unicorn Fighting Dragon 1
    Unicorn Fighting Dragon 1
  • Unicorn Fighting Dragon
    Unicorn Fighting Dragon
  • Unicorn Great Art
    Unicorn Great Art
  • Unicorn In Forrest
    Unicorn In Forrest
  • Unicorn In The Sky
    Unicorn In The Sky
  • Unicorn Little Humor
    Unicorn Little Humor
  • Unicorn With Elf
    Unicorn With Elf
  • Unicorn With Elfs
    Unicorn With Elfs
  • Unicorn With Horn
    Unicorn With Horn
  • Unicorn With Moon
    Unicorn With Moon

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