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Harley Quinn is a fictional supervillain in the Batman series and made her debut appearance in the Batman series episode #08 "Joker's Favor" in the year 1992 and introduced as a humorous sidekick to the villain Joker. The character of Harley Quinn was conceived and created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. The original name of Harley Quinn is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D. She got her immunity resistant against poison and toxins from another enemy of Batman - Dr. Pamela Lillian known as Poison Ivy. She came in contact with the Joker while she was doing her internship at Arkham city. She instantly falls in love with the Joker during the intern sessions and later helped him to escape from the asylum. It was when the Joker returned badly injured after having faceoff with Batman, she went insane to see his lover’s condition. This led her further to convert from a psychiatrist, to don a jester costume and went on to become a vicious villain - Harley Quinn. Harley has got two tattoos, one on her hip and another on her right upper arm. One of the tattoos shows the picture of the Joker Face with caption "Mr. J" and other one with pictures of The Joker on a joker card and her own face in Queen Card. Harley is best known for her revenge following Joker's death. She reforms the clown gang and kidnap police officers. But finally her plans got ruined when she is arrested by Gordon and Quinn’s gang is rounded up by the police department, which led to shut down of evil in Arkham City. You can find out here, the best of the wallpapers of Harley Quinn depicting her desirable beauty, vicious smile and great costumes. Several different wallpapers of Harley Quinn are available. You can download any wallpaper you like to your desktop at the click of a button. A fictional character, a supervillaine from DC Universe. She was first introduced 1992, in Batman: The Animated Series which was shown on TV and later adapted into DC Comics Batman comic books. I think thats the time it was that way around - TV to comic. Maybe the hottest comic figur out there.

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  • Harley Quinn 2
    Harley Quinn 2
  • Harley Quinn Comicbook
    Harley Quinn Comicbook
  • Harley Quinn Dc
    Harley Quinn Dc
  • Harley Quinn Game
    Harley Quinn Game
  • Harley Quinn Hot
    Harley Quinn Hot
  • Harley Quinn Sexy
    Harley Quinn Sexy
  • Harley Quinn Video Game
    Harley Quinn Video Game
  • Harley Quinn With Joker
    Harley Quinn With Joker
  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn
  • Herley Quinn Cards
    Herley Quinn Cards
  • Herley Quinn Cartoon
    Herley Quinn Cartoon
  • Herley Quinn Enemy
    Herley Quinn Enemy
  • Herley Quinn Guns
    Herley Quinn Guns

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