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Batman, the Superhero of Detective Comics has made his debut in the year 1939 is a secret personality of Bruce Wayne, a millionaire from Gotham City, who witnessed the murder of his parents during his childhood. Bruce, when still was a kid, swore off taking revenge from the criminals of the society and removing crime from the city, so that same thing never happened to anyone again. He then, goes through a rigorous training of physical prowess and intelligence, and went on to become Batman, a weapon against the bad men of the society. He dons a bat like costume to hide his identity from the real world and also to put fears in the minds of criminals who were committing crimes at nights. He fights against crime assisted by his kid sidekick – Robin and his butler Alfred Pennyworth who works as a butler but also raised him since he was an abandoned child. The credit of Batman goes to Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the conceiver and creator of this hugely popular superhero of all times. Batman is not like other superheroes and does not possess any supernatural powers. He makes use of his intelligence, physical power, detective skills and with science and technology, he fights against the criminals and crime scenes. The Batman is a legendary superhero also nicknamed as Bat, The Caped Crusader and The Dark Knight among people who loved him and also among villains who fears from him. Whenever Batman is required at any crime scene, a searchlight is beamed in the sky by the police department. The shape of this signal is bat shaped, that’s why it is also known as the bat signal. This series of wallpapers shows the various shades of Batman and his fight against crime and villains of society. All Batman wallpapers can be downloaded in the high definition format. Just click, on any particular image, to preview, and you can then download the image to your computer desktop. Also know as the Dark Knight but that name first got popular with Frank Millers version of the comic. Bob Kane was the creator of Batman, which in the real life is a billionner named Bruce wayne. He became Batman after his Parents was killed,that was the tricker to become the best detective in the world, with a little extra capital and cool tools. Desktop wallpapers are in great quality, ready for your desktop.

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  • Batman 3
    Batman 3
  • Batman And Joker
    Batman And Joker
  • Batman And Robin
    Batman And Robin
  • Batman Angry
    Batman Angry
  • Batman Art
    Batman Art
  • Batman Artwork
    Batman Artwork
  • Batman At Building
    Batman At Building
  • Batman At Toombstones
    Batman At Toombstones
  • Batman Black And White
    Batman Black And White
  • Batman Comic
    Batman Comic
  • Batman Created By Bob Kane
    Batman Created By Bob Kane
  • Batman Dc Comics
    Batman Dc Comics
  • Batman Dead
    Batman Dead
  • Batman Detective Comics
    Batman Detective Comics
  • Batman Detective
    Batman Detective
  • Batman Fights Bane
    Batman Fights Bane
  • Batman Gotham
    Batman Gotham
  • Batman Green Lantern
    Batman Green Lantern
  • Batman In Fire
    Batman In Fire
  • Batman In Water
    Batman In Water
  • Batman Logo
    Batman Logo
  • Batman Looks Down
    Batman Looks Down
  • Batman Spawn
    Batman Spawn
  • Batman Under The Red Hood
    Batman Under The Red Hood


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