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Category: movie pictures

Avengers wallpapers

Avengers Age of Ultron : Based on the Marvel comic books of the same name, the Avengers debut as a feature film in 2012. With a powerful cast featuring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,Continue reading

Finding Nemo wallpapers

Finding Nemo is an animated adventure movie by Walt Disney pictures that was released in 2003. Directed by Andrew Stanton, the movie features Albert Brooks as Nemo’s father, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory and Alexander GouldContinue reading

Lord of the rings wallpapers

The lord of the rings is a three part film series directed by Peter Jackson. The entire project took eight years to complete, with each film shot side by side in New Zealand. The overallContinue reading

Man of steel wallpapers

Superman is easily the most known comic hero. For more than 75 years, Superman has been defying all physical laws known to man and amazing generations of comic book readers all over the world. TheContinue reading

Minions wallpapers

Minions wallpapers from the new movie here in 2015, another funny Cartoon.

Prometheus movie wallpapers

The movie Prometheus belongs to the rare category of British science fiction movies that is able to capture the imagination of the audience who manage to watch it. Ridley Scott, the successful director behind theContinue reading

Star Trek wallpapers

Star Trek was the pioneer when it came to American science fiction films and the latest installment in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness, proves beyond doubt that the brand still popular amongContinue reading

Star Wars wallpapers

The Star Wars franchise is one of the world’s most popular movie franchises. Apart from being a movie franchise, it is an iconic universal brand that is worth millions of dollars thanks to the variousContinue reading

the Dark Knight Rises wallpapers

The last and final installment in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, graced movie theatres across the globe in 2012. Actor Christian Bale once again donned the bat suit to reprise hisContinue reading

Transformers movie wallpapers

The Transformers movie franchise is based on science fiction and their origins can be traced to the toys designed by Hasbro in collaboration with Tomy. The first movie in the franchise titled Transformers released inContinue reading

Wolverine wallpapers

The Wolverine is the latest superhero movie from Marvel that features Hugh Jackman playing the role of the movie’s title character. The movie is a part of the X-Men series and it comes as theContinue reading